Overdraft Protection

Sometimes unexpected expenses can leave you sidelined with too little cash in your checking account. Overdraft Privilege is a service that provides coverage in the event you overdraw your checking account. The service can cover the transaction and help avoid costly fees charged by merchants and other financial institutions. CBC offers several types of Overdraft Protection. You choose which service works best for you:

  • Checking Navigator – This online program provides general information to help you better understand how checking accounts work, how to better manage them, and how to avoid overdraft fees. Start learning here.
  • Link to Another Account – You can designate another CBC account to be used in the event of an overdraft.*
  • Overdraft Privilege – An automatic service for most members**, this feature will pay overdrafts that occur with checks or pre-authorized debit transactions. However, it won’t cover every day ATM withdrawals or debit card transactions unless you opt in.
  • Basic Overdraft Privilege – There is no charge for Overdraft Privilege unless the service is used to complete a transaction which would otherwise have insufficient funds. For every overdraft, you will be charged a $25 fee up to 5 transactions.
  • Enhanced Overdraft Privilege – This will extend your Overdraft Privilege service to cover every day ATM and debit card transactions. You must authorize CBC to provide this specific coverage. It is not automatic. To “OPT-IN” to Enhanced Overdraft Privilege for everyday ATM and debit transactions, stop by any branch or call 805-988-2151.
  • Multiple Types of Overdraft Protection – You can authorize a linked account and then use Overdraft Privilege if the linked account doesn’t have available funds. In fact, Overdraft Privilege will not be used until all other forms of Overdraft Protection have been attempted if you choose to authorize them.


* Subject to qualification requirements. Account must be established before overdrafts occur. A fee will be charged for each transfer. Refer to the Fee Schedule for details. These accounts include a savings, money market or other checking or an established line of credit.

** Account must be in good standing for CBC to honor overdrafts up to the Overdraft Privilege limit of $600; member must OPT-IN to receive Overdraft Privilege on ATM and Point-of-Sale transactions. Fee applies. Refer to the Fee Schedule for details.