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Fall 2019 Issue

We are going green! 

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  • CBC + Dunkin' is Officially Here!

    This month we celebrated our new partnership with Dunkin’ Donuts as they debuted their Camarillo store (10/1), conveniently located inside our CBC Federal Credit Union (Camarillo branch). This first of its kind partnership re-enforces our values of community, identity and customer loyalty alongside that of Dunkin’ Donuts. 

    Now that the store is officially open for business, we are excited to share some of the benefits our members can expect with this partnership. 

    • CBC members with an Epic Checking Account (and Epic Perks app) get 15% off their purchase at our in-store Dunkin’. 
    • Enjoy free access to wifi with your morning coffee at this Dunkin’ location. 
    • Hours of operation are 5 AM-9 PM (Monday-Sunday) for your convenience
  • CBC is the Perfect Place to Refinance your Home Loan at a Low Rate!

    Interested in refinancing your home? With our low rates, now is the perfect time to refinance your home with our best-in-service team! We work with you to find the best option to fit your life, you can trust CBC for professional guidance and an easy, efficient process. CBC has you covered.
    Switching to a fixed-rate mortgage or to an adjustable-rate one can mean serious benefits to your finances. 
    Here are some of the benefits you can expect from refinancing your home:

    • Lower your monthly payments
    • Peace of mind that you’re getting the best option to suit your life
    • Shorter term mortgage payments (often with a lower interest rate) 
    • Improve the overall quality of life with less worry and more money! 

    See our low rates here!

  • Did you know your Epic Checking account comes with Cell Phone Protection?

    Did you know that an Epic Checking Account gives you Cellphone Protection?

    Yeah! And it can save you a lot of money when it comes down to it because as we all know to replace or fix a broken phone without a warranty can cost a lot of money. That stress and hassle can be alleviated with Epic Checking’s Cellphone Protection*. Just make sure your cell phone bill is paid with your Epic Checking Account for two months before filing a cellphone protection claim. It’s that simple!

    If you already have Epic Checking it’s easy to file a claim if your phone is broken or stolen. You can either call our account service center (805-988-2151) or visit a branch and ask for the cellphone insurance claim form. Just be aware you must follow all of the steps correctly in the form for the claim to be approved!

    Are you interested in becoming an Epic Checking Account Holder? It’s pretty easy (You know, because our thing is Making it Easy!) all you need to do is come into a branch or call our account service center and let one of our team members know that you would like to open an Epic Checking Account!

    Want to learn more about what other benefits an Epic Checking Account can offer you? Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Roadside Assistance – Towing

    • Epic Perks – Local Deals

    • Identity Theft – Protection and Recovery Services

    • And much more!

    To view a full list of benefits, visit our website at www.cbcfcu.org/Epic.

    *To be eligible for this benefit, the cell phone bill must be paid out of the Epic checking account the month prior to the incident. Only broken or stolen phones are covered. Lost phones are not covered. Cell phones that are part of a pre-paid or pay as you go cell phone plan are not eligible. All claims are subject to a $50 copay. Approved claims submitted for reimbursement of over $450 will receive the maximum amount of reimbursement, which is a check for $400. There is a maximum of 2 claims per 12-month period. The maximum benefit limit is $800 per 12-month period.

    For full product details and restrictions, please visit www.Bazing.com or contact a CBC at 805-988-2151.

  • What's Your Retirement Dream?

    A comfortable retirement is often viewed as the reward for a lifetime of hard work. But for many, comfort doesn’t come in the form of traditional retirement. Today, many baby boomers view retirement as a time to fulfill their lifelong dreams. But according to Dustin Tondreau, the CuVantis* financial advisor located at CBC Federal Credit Union, a solid financial base is needed in order to do whatever you want to do.

    Historically, that financial base was created by a combination of an employer’s pension, social security and your own personal savings. Today however, fewer and fewer workers are actually covered by an employer’s pension, meaning each of us is becoming more and more responsible for our own retirement security. For many, that means exploring investment options beyond traditional savings and certificates of deposit.

    That’s why CBCFCU is pleased to partner with CuVantis Wealth Planning, LLC, to offer retirement planning and wealth management options to members. CuVantis offers a wide variety of planning and investment strategies - including pension replacement options – to help you create the financial base that allows you to pursue your retirement dream. Whether it be to travel around the world, start your own business, or just spend more time doing the things you love, our non-commission CuVantis financial advisor can help you create an investment and retirement plan to help you on your way. Call (805) 988-2151 ext. 5710 or email Dustin.Tondreau@CuVantis.com to arrange your complimentary consultation.

    Visit the CuVantis webpage for more information.


    * Investment advisory products and services are offered through CuVantis Wealth Planning, LLC, (“CuVantis”), a California Registered Investment Advisor. Credit Unions have contracted with CuVantis to make non-deposit investment advisory products and services available to credit union members. Investments offered through CuVantis are not federally insured, are not guarantees or obligations of the credit unions, and may involve investment risk including the possible loss of principal. Investment Adviser Representatives are registered through CuVantis. CuVantis offers advisory services in states in which it is registered and in other jurisdictions where exempted. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where CuVantis and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure.

  • Employee Spotlight

    Annette Vega-Young: Senior Branch ManagerAnnette Vega-Young: Senior Branch Manager

    Annette has been with CBC since 2014 and celebrated her 5 years with us on July 22nd! Annette was recently promoted as our Senior Branch Manager; although throughout her time here she has been promoted three times! Annette started out as an Assistant Branch Manager and was promoted to Branch Manager in May of 2017, and again to Branch Manager II in February 2019. Annette loves working for CBC and has the goal to reach the position of AVP one day. We know that she can do it with her hard work and passion for always expecting the best! Annette enjoys feeling like a valued team player and has, “made many connections with several departments and I enjoy being able to assist where I’m needed. Member service is my passion and it feels good to be part of a team that strives to achieve excellent service scores.” Not only does she do the most for us here at CBC, but she is very active in her personal life as well. She is a world traveler and recently took a trip to Jamaica. She comes from a big family and enjoys spending time with her mom, brother, sister and cousins. She loves going to the movies with her husband and daughter; plus she also loves going to concerts, taking walks, and baking! We don’t think there is anything Annette can’t do! If you’re ever in the branch and see Annette say hi, she is an amazing person to talk to and always a joy to be around!