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New features and upgrades to our app.

Recent Upgrades to Your CBC Online Banking App! 

Our most recent upgrades will provide a better online banking experience, as well as address some of the requests we have received from our members.
Please click on the upgrades below for more detailed information.

What you need to do:

When you log in for the first time on the new version of the mobile app, you will be presented with a one-time pop-up.

•  Please click “Allow” to register the device ID and enables push for Security Alerts.
•  If you click “No, Thanks” the page will be dismissed, and nothing will happen.



New Phone Alert Messages

  • Push notifications can be created for your account, and you can specify the conditions that trigger it, as well as the way you wish to receive the alert. (Example: Low Balance Alert.) 
  • Simply log in to your mobile app and from the Settings menu click "Push Notifications". 
  • Click to enable notifications if you have not already, and then click "Security Alert Settings".
  • From here you may customize your push alert delivery channels or the way in which an alert is delivered (ex: Voice, email, SMS, Secure Message) 


Easily Edit Recurring Transfers

  • Click on Services, Online Activity,  then select Recurring Transaction
  • From here click on the recurring transfer you will like to edit. (within the action menu, click "edit series")


Improved Look and Feel

Our app now has enhanced icons, a more modern-looking layout, and improved colors to create a better app experience for all.


For all questions, please contact our member services department at 805.988.2151 or email us at

Published Date: 
Monday, March 8, 2021
New features and upgrades to our app.