Capital One Data Breach
Stay Protected with Epic Checking

This week, news broke regarding a massive data breach, possibly the largest ever, at Capital One Financial Corporation. At present time, they have identified over 100 million consumers who have been impacted, including current credit customers, and consumers and businesses who applied for Capital One credit products (more information can be found here). While cooperation with local and national law enforcement has helped stop much of the sensitive information from being distributed, this illustrates a very real threat to consumers.

A data breach can be a very serious and scary situation, so we want our members to be at ease knowing their identities are protected with CBC. With the recent Capital One data breach, we would like to remind you of our Epic Checking services with included Identity Theft Protection. As an Epic Checking Account holder, you will receive money-saving tools, as well as access to our robust ID monitoring and recovery services.

When you have an Epic Checking Account with CBC, you have protection against this type of theft and the tools you need to recover should your information be compromised. If your identity is compromised, our Fully Managed Recovery can help get you back where you were before.

With Epic Checking you can be sure that you are fully protected with these offered services:

  • Fully managed identity fraud recovery services

  • $25K identity theft reimbursement insurance

  • And entitlements to the following:

    • Credit Monitoring

    • Rapid Credit Alerts

    • Dark Web Monitoring & Alerts

    • Compromised Email Alerts

    • Monthly Score Tracker

    • Annual Credit Report

To learn more, and become an Epic Checking Account holder click here.

Published Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Stay Protected with Epic Checking