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  • Letter from our new President and CEO, Rick Weber

    I joined the credit union movement over 25 years ago and discovered my passion for helping others in navigating their financial lives. In 2017, I was recruited to become part of CBC FCU’s leadership team, and since joining three years ago I have supervised the branches, marketing, call center, accounting, and wealth management departments. The variety of work that I have done here gives me a better understanding of the credit union and I feel privileged to now serve as CEO. 

    It is my great pleasure to serve with such a talented and passionate group of employees that clearly understand the credit union’s mission and purpose. I am taking this new role at one of the most challenging times in our economy, but the opportunity to make a difference for others has never been greater. Therefore, I take on my new role with enthusiasm and knowing that we will get through this together. 
    We know that the restrictions regarding Coronavirus have made it a difficult time for everyone in our community. We understand the precautions were made to keep us safe, but we are empathetic to see the economic challenges to many of our members and our small businesses. We are a family at CBC and we have grown and succeeded as a result of helping our members since 1952. 
    Last week we rolled out financial relief programs that include: Skip-a-pay, emergency loans, waiving of fees, and consultation. We see that this has made a difference to many of our members, but we must do more. As a result, we feel compelled to do more during this difficult time and that is why we are rolling out our “Make an EPIC Difference campaign” to our CBC members and our Ventura County Communities. 

    Starting on April 1st, we are rolling out our company’s largest financial commitment of aid to our members and to our locally owned restaurants. We realize many have had to adjust their businesses just to stay open. CBC will be purchasing 1,000 family meals (up to $50 value) from our locally owned restaurants and delivering that value to our members and those in the community that need it the most. We will be using social media to highlight some of these great businesses and helping remind our members that the EPIC Perks discounts are still available. 

    In addition, we will be giving 1% cash back to all members that use their CBC Visa Platinum or Epic Rewards Credit Card to make purchases at any local restaurant and delivery services. We will drop all of our monthly business account fees and any minimum account balance requirements for all current and new business accounts through 2020. 

    We look forward to serving your financial needs and we are committed to making an EPIC difference in your life as well as the community we live in. 
    All the best,

    Rick Weber

  • Rates Hit New Lows!

    Amidst a global pandemic, the world of Real Estate lending can become a silver lining for many people who wish to take advantage of these attractive low interest rates. CBC’s rates have traditionally been some of the lowest in town, and now is no different!   While COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on the economy, we still expect interest rates to remain low. With home loan rates the lowest they have been in decades, we suggest people act now to lock in these low rates that will last for the life of the loan. 

    Our real estate staff is happy to help with any questions you may have, and CBC is ready to do what it takes to handle the influx of new applications. We offer loans options specific to your needs, whether it be 10 & 15 year equity builder loans with rates now as low as 2.99%, or our 30 year fixed mortgage at 3.125%. If you have been contemplating a refinance of your mortgage, now is the time!  Refinancing applications have reached their highest level in over a decade, and we expect this to continue for the near future. 

    *Rates are not automatically locked in at time of application. Loan rate locks can be requested in writing after your loan has been pre-approved by CBC FCU.

    Rates may change without notice, other restrictions may apply, click here for more details.
    Call for details. (805) 988-2151

  • Community Snapshot

    Surfrider Foundation

    CBC was excited to help out Surfrider Foundation clean up Ormond Beach here in Oxnard. A group of CBC volunteers made it personal by picking up over 300 lbs. of trash and waste. We take pride in helping our community and local partners achieve their mission.  Our beaches are part of our community, learn more at surfriderfoundation.org on how to get involved.

    Financial Education

    Part of CBC’s mission is to anticipate the life-long financial needs of our members today and tomorrow. We live that by offering financial education through our website and through onsite workshops. CBC has delivered a handful of workshops in this quarter to local institutions; such as, CSU Channel Islands, Oxnard College, and local high schools. The Credit Union believes financial empowerment starts with financial education!

  • Employee Spotlight

    Rubi Perez
    Account Service Representative, Ventura Office

    Rubi has been with CBC since February of 2019. You may find yourself speaking to Rubi when you call our account service center, as she assists members with everyday banking needs.

    We asked Rubi what she enjoys most about CBC and she said this, “I enjoy the culture, every employee is always nice and ready to help. In addition to the culture, CBC cares for their employees, members and the community”. At this time, Rubi’s current goal is to continue to gain knowledge within her department and the Credit Union as a whole.

    In her free time, Rubi enjoys taking walks and spending quality time with her family; as well as, keeping up with her favorite Netflix shows. Lastly, Rubi said, “I love working for CBC. It has taught me how to deliver exceptional member service. CBC also provides opportunities to give back the community and I love participating in them.”

    Be sure to say hi to Rubi if you happen to catch her on the phone!

  • Board of Directors Announcement

    The date for receiving member applications for nomination consideration to the CBCFCU Board of Directors closed on February 1, 2020. The Nominating Committee has determined that the following candidates are qualified and eligible for re-election to the Board of Directors: Timur Taluy; Kristie Elzinga; and Patricia Handfinger. Since there is a qualified candidate to fill each Board vacancy for the upcoming term, no nomination from the floor will be permitted during the Annual Meeting. However, if a member wishes to be considered at this time, then a Petition must be effected and submitted to the Credit Union Board of Directors Nominee Announcement.

    The deadline for receipt of a Petition for consideration as an additional Director Nominee is May 1, 2020.

    Please contact Hal Karam, the Nominating Committee Chair, by e-mail at Hal.Karam@cbcfcu.org for Petition requirements information and form.

    If there are no additional qualified candidates from a Petition process, there will not be an election and the Slate of Candidates as stated above will be installed by general consent at the Annual Member Meeting scheduled for June 25, 2020, 5:00 p.m., at the CBC FCU Oxnard Office.

  • COVID-19 Financial Relief Programs

    We want to let you know that CBC is here for you if you have been affected by the recent COVID-19 developments. We are launching several programs designed to offer financial relief to our members that are in need.

    Skip-A-Pay (processing fee waived)
    You may have been financially impacted by the economic developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and making a regular scheduled payment may become difficult.  CBC wants to help by allowing you to skip a monthly payment on your CBC Auto, personal, RV or motorcycle loan (no credit card or real estate loans at this time) with no fee.  We will consider granting you a skip even if you have already skipped payment within the last year. Your credit score will not be negatively impacted.
    Waived late fees
    If you are late on your CBC loan payments due to economic developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak, please let us know and we will waive your late fee by calling 805.988.2151 ext. 1633. We understand that the current circumstances can be disruptive to your normal routine, including making your loan payments.  Your credit union is here for you and wants to help.
    Short-term Emergency 5% APR Loan
    If you have a short term financial impact from economic challenges related to the COVID-19, we are here to try and help.  We are offering an emergency, short-term qualifying loan up to $3,000 featuring a 5% APR.  The loan features no payments for 45 days, a 12-month term and no collateral requirement.  We are limiting the program to one loan per household.
    Hardship Assistance
    If you find that you are unable to make payments on your CBC loans, please contact us at 805.988.2151 ext. 1633 and our team can assist with repayment options for you.

    To take advantage of any of these relief programs, please watch www.cbcfcu.org where we will have online applications available.

    We are committed to the well-being of our membership and we are here to help in any way we can. If you have any questions, please contact us at 805.988.2151.

    *CBC relief programs are for qualifying CBC members only.