Enhanced Fraud Alerts

At CBC, our members’ security is always at the top of our minds. That’s why we are making it even easier to manage any potential fraud on your CBC debit or credit cards.

Starting on Monday, November 4th if we notice any suspicious activity on your card, we’ll send you a request to verify by text from CBC shortcode 21556 or by email from noreply@cbcfcu.org.

If you receive a text message asking to verify a transaction:

  • Reply NO to let us know the transaction is not fraudulent
  • Reply YES to let us know that you don’t recognize the transaction. You will be asked to call Fraud Prevention at 1-866-518-0213




​Please note that you will never be asked for your account number, password, login or PIN when contacting Fraud Prevention, however, there may be some account information that is asked of you to verify you as the cardholder.

This new text alert service will be available 24/7 to protect you for any potential fraud on your CBC card(s).

There is no action required on your part to activate this service. You will not receive a text communication from us unless we suspect fraud on your account. If you have any questions regarding Enhanced Fraud Alerts, give us a call at 805-988-2151. In order to make sure that you receive communications, be sure to check that your phone number and email address on file at CBC is current and correct.

How can I be sure these communications are from CBC?

  • The fraud text alerts will come from the shortcode: 215-56.
  • Email alerts will come from noreply@cbcfcu.org
  • Even if you suspect fraud on your account, we will NEVER ask for account information like your account number, your PIN, your username or password for online banking. Only verification questions will be asked of you to make sure you are the cardholder on the account. Note: All Fraud Prevention calls are initiated by YOU.

*Normal carrier rates for text messages apply.

Published Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2019