Give Your Money A Workout
Keep Your Resolution To Save More

Want to put more money into savings but not sure how to make that happen with your current budget? Let us show you how to earn more on your savings without breaking a sweat!

We can help you invest a portion of the money you’ve already saved in an account that earns you more interest. While you’re busy handling the rest of your life, your money will be doing some currency cardio and come back to you in better shape!

Certificates: Guaranteed Risk-Free Earnings

Investing your money doesn’t have to mean taking a risk. With one of our Term Share Certificates, you’ll earn higher dividends on your savings, just for moving it from a regular savings account to a certificate account.

  • Earn a guaranteed rate with no risk
  • Choose how long you want to save
  • Get started with just $500 of your current savings

Right now, we’re offering special rates to help you earn more on your savings!









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Money Market: Flexible Access with Great Rates

If you aren’t confident about committing your funds for a set period of time, you might want to consider our Money Market Accounts instead.

  • Flexible access to your funds with no required length of deposit
  • Competitive high yield dividend rates to help your savings grow

Our Money Market Accounts are also insured, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

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*Some restrictions apply. Promotional rates apply to new Certificates only. Penalties apply for early withdrawal. Subject to change without notice. See representative for more details.