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A Message from the Chairman and President

As a member of CBC, you might be aware of some of the reasons to use a credit union as your primary financial institution instead of a bank. While more than 100 million Americans are members of the 6,900 credit unions in the nation, credit unions only hold about 6% of all assets and banks hold the rest. Read more here.




You Could Be On Our Board of Directors

We are seeking dedicated volunteers to join our team. As a Board Director, you and the rest of the team will be responsible for the governance and strategic planning of your Credit Union. We also have a new program, the Associate Director Program - an entry program to help you learn about your Credit Union processes, gain knowledge and experience, and be better prepared to join the Board as a voting Director, if so nominated. Read more here.




Avoiding Foreclosure: Know Your Options

Facing a financial hardship that is making those monthly mortgage payments a challenge? The team of real estate experts at CBC can help by presenting options that could potentially help before it’s too late. Whether you’ve fallen behind on payments or are simply worried you soon might, if you’re mortgage is with CBC give us a call to talk options: 805-988-2151 or 800-477-2890. You may also visit KnowYourOptions.com from Fannie Mae to learn more about avoiding foreclosure. To learn more about financial hardship assistance, click here.





SurePath Financial Solutions a Member Service from CBC

Solutions to offer free and confidential financial counseling. As a CBC member, you have access to money management experts who are ready to assist you.

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