Important Fraud Information
Protect yourself from Fraud

Keep an eye out for scams

We've seen an increase in new scams involving emails, texts or phone calls about suspicious products, charities, medical advice and treatments, etc. Scammers often seek donations, personal information, money or gift cards to resolve urgent requests like a lawsuit, account block or an arrest. They may pretend to be a relative, government official, or even a hospital representative requesting payment for medical treatment of a loved one.

Always confirm requests are legitimate before responding. You can get more info about known scams and sign up for alerts at

Recognize valid communications

Spot a phishing email by verifying the sender’s email address. Scammers will misspell, add characters, etc., to email addresses and domain names. (Note: CBC’s web domain is

Text messages from CBC typically don't show a complete phone number as the sender of the text. We will only send text alerts to verify a transaction on your CBC Debit or Credit card transactions.

As a best practice, you can hover over a suspicious website link to view the URL it is directing you towards. If you receive a suspicious text or email message that appears to be from CBC, you can always log in to online banking at to verify your account status or call CBC directly to ask about the communication.

Your security is a top priority

We're constantly monitoring your credit card and checking account(s) for fraudulent activity and will alert you if we notice anything suspicious. Make sure we have your current contact information by visiting CBC Online Banking so we can reach you quickly.

Additionally, we have secured external transfers for the time being by decreasing limits in order to minimize large potential losses through fraudulent transfers to accounts outside of CBC.

Easy ways to reduce the risk of fraud

  • Use online banking or the CBC mobile app - By banking online, you are able to keep a close eye on your accounts from anywhere.
  • Set up eStatements - Paper statements are an easy target for fraudsters and by switching to eStatements, all of your account information is secure inside Online Banking.
  • Check your credit report regularly - Keeping a close watch on your credit profile is a great way to catch fraud early. Make sure the accounts listed are ones you have created. Check any one of the major reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion or Equifax) or you can use services like Credit Karma to monitor your report.
  • Epic Checking - CBC’s Epic Checking accounts come with a full suite of ID theft monitoring and recovery services. Learn more about our Epic Checking Accounts online.

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Published Date: 
Tuesday, June 16, 2020
Protect yourself from Fraud