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Epic Checking?

We are re-thinking what a checking account can be for our members. We think you should get much more than just a place to keep your money and a debit card from your checking. Epic Checking is a subscription checking account that comes with access to a robust suite of features that will help our members stay protected and save money on the things they love to buy. Epic Perks, a coupon and deals app is part of this revolutionary checking account and it's where your business comes in.

*Epic Perks is powered by BaZing

Partner with CBC.

Joining our network of local businesses is a powerful way to promote your business. Partnering with CBC as a local merchant gets you free exposure to CBC's membership and provides a valuable benefit for our members and your customers.

Free to Participate.

The customers using the Epic Perks (Powered by BaZing) app are members of CBC Federal Credit Union and have access to these local deals through their Epic Checking account. Your local business is advertised as part of the network for free in exchange for the discount you provide to these customers. The amount of the discount is completely up to you.

Easy to Redeem.

Customers using the Epic Perks app can search for your business based on their location and they can receive notifications of available discounts when they are near your business. At the point of sale, they simply show a mobile coupon to receive the discount or customers can print a paper coupon from

Control Your Offers, Anytime.

Log in to your own BaZing merchant account and add new discounts or edit your existing offers. This gives you the power to make the best offers for your business when you want. If you're already offering other discounts to your customers, we're happy to promote those in our app too.

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