Important Information: IMPORTANT FRAUD ALERT: Members have alerted CBC FCU of fraudulent attempts via messages and phone calls, falsely claiming to be the CBC Fraud Department. Fraudsters aim to gain access to account and identification information by posing as a CBC Associate. If you did not initiate contact with CBC FCU, DO NOT share any personal identification information, One Time Passcodes/Security Codes, or your CBC Account/Card numbers. If you suspect you’re a victim of this scam, please contact CBC immediately at 805.988.2151. Our team will help secure your account.

Consumer Fee Schedule

(Effective Dec 2023. Items marked with (*) indicate a changed fee.)

Account TypeFee
Membership SavingsNo Monthly Fee
Basic Checking
(No monthly fee with an average monthly balance above $100)
Epic Checking$8.00/Month
Epic Premium Checking$10.00/Month
Epic Student Checking$4.00/Month
New Beginning Checking$15.00/Month
Insured Money Market Rate AccountNo Monthly Fee
Term Share CertificateNo Monthly Fee
IRA Share Savings$10.00/Annual
Coin Machine Redemption
A fee of 6% for each coin deposit based on the total amount of each coin deposit through our on-site coin machines. (Services vary based on location)
Overdraft Privilege*
A fee of $30.00 for each check, ACH payment, recurring debit card payment, everyday debit card and ATM
transaction, and other items we pay that result in an overdraft of your available balance. You will not be
charged for any item/transaction of $5.00 or less if your available balance is not sufficient to cover the item. The
maximum you could be charged per day is five (5) overdraft fees totaling up to $150
*If you are a sole proprietor, you must Opt-in for Overdraft Privilege services.
NSF – Non-Sufficient Funds
A fee of $35.00 for any items returned unpaid due to insufficient or unavailable funds posted to your account.
Bulk Check Deposit
A fee of $0.05 for each check-in excess of 10 checks.
Collection Item
A fee of $25.00 for each collection item.
Stop Payment
A fee of $20.00 for one (1) stopped item or $30.00 for two (2) or more stop payments within a range of items processed in branch or by phone. There is no fee charged for items stopped through online access or automated banking. Items include checks, cashier’s checks, credit card convenience checks, and ACH debit items.
A fee of $35.00 per loan payment you are qualified to skip.
Cashier’s Check & Corporate Check Purchases
A fee of $10.00 per check purchased.
Temporary Checks
A fee of $10.00 for each page of temporary checks printed in excess of 2 sheets per year.
Money Order
A fee of $5.00 for each money order.
Non-member Check Cashing
A non-member will be charged $10.00 for each CBC check cashed.
Foreign Item and Cash Letter Processing*
A fee of $35.00 for each foreign item processed.
Transaction Correction*
A fee of $20.00 for each transaction correction processed.
CO-OP Shared Branch Transaction*
A fee for a transaction conducted through a CO-OP Shared Branch. CBC does not control or assess these fees.
Domestic Wire Transfer Outgoing
A fee of $30.00 for each outgoing wire transfer transaction.
Domestic Wire Transfer Incoming
A fee of $10.00 for each incoming wire transfer transaction.
Foreign Wire Transfer
A fee of $65.00 for each wire transfer transaction sent to a foreign country.
Phone Cash Advance
A fee of $10.00 for each transaction processed over the phone using a debit or credit card.
Legal Attachments, Levies, and Garnishment fee*
A fee of $60.00 for each notice we process.
Debit Card Replacement
A fee of $10.00 for each replacement card.
Debit Card Issuance (Rush Order)
A fee of $35.00 for each additional card issued as a Rush Order. Usually 2-3 day delivery.
Credit Card Replacement (Rush Order)
A fee of $35.00 for each additional card issued as a Rush Order. Usually 2-3 day delivery.
Foreign ATM & Non-CO-OP Network ATM
A fee of $3.00 for each ATM transaction at a non-CBC or non-CO-OP Network ATM.
Foreign ATM & Non-CO-OP Network ATM Surcharges
A fee by the ATM owner. We do not control these fees.
Account Research
A fee of $60.00 per hour we spend to process your request for research, which will be charged in 15 minute increments after the first hour. The minimum charge is one hour’s fee.
Notary Service
A fee of $15.00 for each notary signature (no fee for CBC related documents)
Medallion Signature Guarantee
A fee of $25.00 for each Medallion Signature Guarantee.
Early Account Closure
A fee of $10.00 for closing your account within six months of opening date.
IRA Annual Fee
An annual fee of $10.00 for each IRA share.
IRA Direct Transfer
A fee of $25.00 for each IRA transfer to another institution.
Inactive Dormant Account
A fee of $10.00 per month if your account has no activity over a 12-month period.
Check Order
A fee for each box of standard checks ordered through CBC. Check prices vary based on selection. Please contact us for current pricing.
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