Home Equity Line of Credit & Fixed Rate 2nd

What can you do with your home’s equity…? Anything you want! Pay off high-rate debt, remodel your home, take a vacation or pay for a wedding, whatever you need! Take the equity you’ve built up in your home and put it to use. A friendly and knowledgeable CBC representative is ready to help get you started.

  • Variable Rate & Fixed Rate Options
  • No Hidden Fees
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Home Equity Line of Credit

4.99% 12 Month Intro Rate!

RateAPR*Payment per $1000
CLTV < 70%Prime + .500 pts9.00%9.00%$10.14
CLTV 70.01%-80%Prime + .750 pts9.25%9.25%$10.29
CLTV 80.01%-90%Prime + 1.500 pts10.00%10.00%$10.75

Home Equity Line of Credit (Non-Owner Occupied)

RateAPR*Payment Per $1,000
CLTV <70%Prime +1 0 pts9.50%9.50%$10.44

Get an Epic Premium Checking Account and Save!

With the purchase of an Epic Premium Checking Account, you will receive a 0.25% discount on your HELOC rate!

+ Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): The Prime Rate as of July 31st 2023 was 8.50%.

  • This is a variable rate loan with a floor of 4% and a cap of 14%
  • Rates quoted are for owner-occupied and non-owner single family homes with a min fico score of 680
  • No Closing Cost, but a $500 Early Closure Reimbursement fee is in effect for 36 months to reimburse the credit union if the HELOC is closed.

Fixed Rate 2nd

Home Equity Loans*

ProductRate as low asDiscount PointsAPR as low asPayment per $1000
15 Year8.500%09.342$9.85
20 Year9.000%09.703$9.00

Rates are subject to change without notice. These mortgage rates apply only with certain conditions. Your rate depends on several factors including market conditions, property type, loan purpose, credit score, debt to income ratio, and loan-to-value. The displayed annual percentage rates (APRs) include total points and prepaid finance charges but do not include other closing costs. Max LTV is 80%.

Rates are not automatically locked in at time of application. Loan rate locks can be requested in writing after your loan has been pre-approved by CBC FCU.

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