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April 9, 2024

Get Savvy With Your Credit Score!

When it comes to credit scores, there is always potential room for improvement. If you’ve recently reviewed your credit score and aren’t satisfied with the result. There are several effective strategies to help you boost it. Credit scores, serve as numerical representations of an individual’s creditworthiness, are shaped by various factors. To comprehend the elements affecting your score. Our Online Banking tool, Credit Score by SavvyMoney, is tailored to guide you in managing your credit according to the factors influencing your score.

While specific scoring models may exhibit slight variations, Credit Score features the list of factors that are recognized as pivotal influencers:

  1. Payment History: This is one of the most critical factors. It reflects whether you’ve made payments on time, any missed or late payments, and the frequency of such incidents.
  2. Credit Utilization Ratio: This ratio compares the amount of credit you’re currently using to the total amount of credit available to you. Lower credit utilization ratios generally result in higher credit scores.
  3. Length of Credit History: The length of time you’ve had credit accounts open influences your credit score. Longer credit histories are generally seen as more favorable, as they provide a more comprehensive picture of your credit management habits.
  4. Credit Mix: Having a mix of credit types, such as installment loans (e.g., mortgages, auto loans) and revolving credit (e.g., credit cards), can positively impact your credit score. However, this factor typically has less influence compared to payment history and credit utilization.
  5. New Credit Inquiries: Applying for new credit can temporarily lower your credit score. Multiple inquiries in a short period might signal financial distress or a high risk of default, which can negatively impact your score.

Focusing on these essential factors has been shown to enhance credit scores. Patience is crucial as credit scores are dynamic and influenced by your financial actions over time. Consistently paying bills punctually and reducing credit debt are key fundamental practices. Additionally, vigilantly monitoring your credit report and comprehending the variables impacting your score empower you to sustain or enhance your creditworthiness.

Learn more about Credit Score and sign up today to enhance your score!- Your Credit Score & More! – CBC Federal Credit Union (

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