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September 26, 2023

Personal Guide to Building Credit

Understanding and building one’s credit score is critical, particularly for credit union members managing tight budgets. A robust credit profile is indispensable, affecting various aspects of life from securing loans to job applications. Whether starting afresh or rebuilding, there are proven strategies to enhance your score.

Key Insights:

  • Impact of Credit: A poor score can limit financing options and act as a deterrent for landlords and prospective employers.
  • Credit Management: Regular monitoring, timely payments, and responsible credit usage are fundamental to maintaining a good score.

1. Regularly Review Your Credit Reports

  • Action: Obtain one free credit report annually from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian through
  • Purpose: Regular reviews help identify inaccuracies or fraudulent activities, which can be disputed to maintain an accurate score.

2. Create a Budget

  • Action: Develop and stick to a realistic budget.
  • Purpose: Efficient financial management helps avoid unnecessary debts and ensures timely bill payments, contributing to a healthy credit score.

3. Ensure Timely Payments

  • Action: Set up automatic payments or reminders for bills, loans, and credit cards.
  • Purpose: Avoiding late payments is essential as they can significantly impact your credit score negatively.

4. Utilize the Right Credit Cards

  • Action: Use cards like the CBC Epic Rewards Card or Platinum Card responsibly and be mindful of the interest.
  • Purpose: Credit Cards are the most used form of credit for everyday expenses. Making continuous payments on such purchases is instrumental in establishing a solid payment history contributing to improved credit scores.

5. Maintain Low Credit Balances

  • Action: Keep credit utilization below 30% of your limit.
  • Purpose: Lower utilization is viewed favorably by lenders and can improve your score over time.

6. Retain Older Credit Accounts

  • Action: Avoid closing older, unused accounts.
  • Purpose: They contribute to the length and diversity of your credit history.

7. Responsibly Manage New Credit

  • Action: Limit applications for new credit accounts.
  • Purpose: Multiple applications can decrease your score and signal potential risk to lenders.

8. Establish a Varied Credit Mix

  • Action: Maintain a mix of credit cards, installment loans, and retail accounts.
  • Purpose: A diverse credit mix can positively impact your score, but unnecessary accounts should be avoided.

9. Settle Outstanding Debts

  • Action: Pay off debts and consult a credit counselor for a manageable repayment plan.
  • Purpose: Settling debts can enhance your credit score gradually.

10. Seek Professional Guidance

  • Action: Leverage financial counseling services offered by many credit unions.
  • Purpose: Professional guidance can offer valuable insights into effective financial management and credit improvement.

(Bonus) Quick Credit Building Strategies

  • Tailored Approach: Building credit is personalized with varied timelines; adopt strategies aligned with individual circumstances.
  • Practical Steps: Reducing debt, increasing credit limits, and adding rental history to credit reports can yield quick improvements.
  • Note: While swift improvements are possible, a paced and consistent approach is recommended.

Building and managing credit is a nuanced process. By adopting disciplined financial habits and leveraging available resources, a robust credit profile can be developed and maintained.

For more insights, visit CBC Financial Cents: Online Learning and explore our extensive library on credit management.

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